Historical Evolution of KGF Police District

Under the British governance, Kolar district Police organization was divided into three sub-units namely District Police, Railway Police and Kolar Gold Field Force. Under the District Police there were two types of policemen functioning called as Rural Police and Regular Police. Crime Cases use to be investigated by Patelas, Toti and talvars of villages and after the detection they use to handover the cases to Regular Police.For the first time Uniform was provided to rural police in the year 1901. Officers and Police Constables were appointed as per the Police Regulation Act-1908. At the same time a Special intelligence unit under a Superintendent was functioning to look after Kolar Gold Mines at KGF. First Police Station of the Kolar District was set up at Marikuppam, KGF. A Police Station is still functioning in the same building. Thereafter District Police System started functioning according to the Mysore Police Manual-1918.

In post independence period before State Reorganization in the year 1956 , Police Administration in different places in the state including Kolar was functioning according to different Acts. To bring unification in the Police Administration The Mysore Police Act was implemented across the state.

Historical Mail stones of KGF Police

  1. 1858-  Raising Police Corps in certain divisions.
  2. 1868-  Re-organisation of the Police Force.
  3. 1974-  Ad-interim Police arrangements in certain district of the State.
  4. 1874-  Ad-interim Police arrangements in all the districts except Bangalore and Chitaldrug.
  1. 1890-  Police Re-organisation.
  2. 1891-92 Appointment of Major James Gilchrist as a Police Chief Constable in K.G.F.
  3. 1982- Supply of uniform dress to police officers.
  4. 1892-03- Construction of a First Class Station House at Kolar Gold Fields.
  5. 1892- Occupation of Government buildings by Inspector, Ballard of the Kolar Gold Fields free of rent.
  6. 1894- Police establishments for the Kolar Gold Fields Railway.
  7. 1895- Construction of First Class Police Station at Marikuppam in the Kolar Gold Fields.
  8. 1895-96- Entertainment of Police establishments for duty at the Oorgaum Village Police Station.
  9. 1899- Exemption from payment of house rent by Police Officers in the Kolar Gold Fields.
  10. 1899- Appointment of certain Inspector’s in the Police department.
  11. 1900- Site for the Police Superintendent quarters at Kolar Gold Fields.
  12. 1900-01- Constructions of Police lines on the Kolar Gold Fields.
  13. 1900- Appointment of Mr. Mainwalling as Superintendent of Police, Kolar Gold Fields.
  14. 1901- Entertainment of Mr. Fitz Patrick as Head detective Inspector of the Kolar Gold Fields.
  15. 1901- Appointment of Mr. Simon Reuben as Police Inspector of Kolar Gold Fields.
  16. 1901- Quarters FOR THE Superintendent of Police of Kolar Gold Fields and the utilisation of the Travellers Bunglow for the Police SP’s Office, Deputy Commissioners Office etc.
  17. 1901- Mail Dacoity on the Kolar Bouringpet Road.
  18. 1901- Monthly house rent of Rs. 60/- to the District Superintendent of Police of the Kolar Gold Fields.
  19. 1901- Construction of the Police lines on K.G.F.
  20. 1901- Prmotion of Inspector O’ Doherty of Kolar Gold Fields.
  21. 1901-02- Railway fare to certain persons sent for by the Superintendent of Police, Kolar Gold Fields to serve as Police Constable.
  22. 1901-02- Budget for clothing the detective police staff in the Kolar Gold Fields.
  23. 1901- Appointment of Mr. P.B.Thomas as Superintendent of Police, Kolar Gold Fields.
  24. 1901- Removal of Malur and Mulbagal Taluk from the Kolar Gold Fields Police charge.
  25. 1902- Appointment of Mr. G.A. Gooings as a Chief Constable on Kolar Gold Fields.
  26. 1902- Police arrangement for the security of mail  jatka b/w Kolar & Bowringpet.
  27. 1904- Investiture of Mr. Pritchard, Chief Supervisor of the Maining Companies with Police powers.
  28. 1904- Repairs etc of Police lines on the Kolar Gold Fields.
  29. 1906- Continuance of the detective establishment.
  30. 1907- Grant of a house rent of Rs. 5 to the senior Head Constable of the Bowringpet.
  31. 1908- Acceptance by Mr. S.M.Pritchard,  Superintendent of Police, Kolar Gold Fields an honorarium for Rs. 1500/- offered by Messes Jojn Taylor and sons, London.
  32. 1910- Permission to Mr. S.M.Pritchard, Superintendent of K.G.F. to be in charge of the watch establishment of the K.G.F. in addition to his own duties.
  33. 1915- Continuance of the Police powers conferred on Mr. A.R.Jones, Chief Supervision, watch establishment K.G.F.
  34. 1915- Exemption of Police Officers on the K.G.F. from paying rent for the quarters occupied by them.
  35. 1916- Purchase of the mission building at Bowringpet for Police department.

Acting Superintendent, Oorigaum Gold Mining Company in April 1900 was Mr. C.B.Bennetts (3rd AP 1900).

Mr. C.Handin (April 1900): Superintendent of Police Kolar Gold Fields.

8th August 1897: Superintendent of K.G.F.

1. Appointment of Major James Gilchrist as a Police Chief Constable in K.G.F. 1891-92.

As per file No. 1 of 1891 of general and revenue Secretariat a proposition (15.07.1891) statement of the Gold Mines Police on 05.07.1886 one Inspector (1) on 13.08.1888,  one Inspector (1), on  21.12.1888   1 Sub-Inspector (2)  (Chief Constable 1 at 75 & 1 at 50 rupees (Europeans) with 15 rupees house allowance each), 10.09.1889  one (1) Jamedhar, 21.03.1890 2 Dafedhars (1), 2 Dafedhars (1), 12 1st clan constables (2), 23 2nd clan constables (2) 4 special constables (12 (Each 47 present 49).

On 29.09.1891 two Chief Constables were appointed Chief Constables means as Sub-Inspectors.

2). Construction of a First Class Station House at K.G.F. – 1892-93.

(Before 1900 there were no quarters for Police Force).

To built Station House in the space between the Special Magistrate Office and the travellers bungalow and the present Station house being converted into the quarters for the 2 European Constables.

In a letter writing by 7th June 06 Inspector Gold Fields it is found that . . . . . I have decided in placing this before the Superintendent of Police should be left in the clod. . .

Rough sketch showing existing and proposed alterations of Police Station for Mysore Camp.

Hint:    Letters from Superintendent of Police, K.G.F. Mr. C.Handin on 23rd April 1900. 3rdApril 1900 acting Superintendent, Oorgaum Gold Mining Company Mr.Bennetts (Rs 13 to 20). Occupied in Kolar Central Camp.

12 rupees was sanctioned by the Inspector General of Police in Mysore and 8 rupees from Police savings.

2nd Jan 1893 sanctioned for 1st Class Police Station 25th February Mr.Bullen, then Superintendent demanded Rs. 13/- per mensem for Chief Constable Luis  11 July 1900. No other accommodations either official or non-official is present available on the fields.

15.08.1900 his no 308/7 of the 25th Ultimo stating that the construction of 1st class Police Station at Marikuppam was commenced and completed at a cost of Rs. 2135-5-7 as could be seen from the file of correspondence forwarded with reference ………………………. Champion Reefs Police Station (Marikuppam Division) which is selected in 1896-97.

3). Police Re-organisation :

In a proceedings of the Government of his highness the Maharaja of Mysore (General) dated 1891. Police Superintendents for 8 districts proposed. As per Government draft under consideration of 01.11.1891 Mr. C.Handin the Asst. Commissioner 4th class was nominated as Asst. Superintendent of Police 2nd class.

4).  Ad-Interim Police arrangements in all the districts except Bangalore and Chitaldrug.

Proceedings of the Chief Commissioner of Mysore, Judicial Department 20.04.1874.

Shown under memo showing the present strength of Police in 6 districts including Kolar District is which the name of Bethamangala appears with the strength of 1 Killedars, 1 Hobalidhars, 8 Dafedars, 80 Peons total 90.


1 Killedars, 1 Hobalidhars, 6 Dafedars, 60 Peons total 68.

5). Occupation of Government buildings by Inspector, Ballard (BALLARD) of the K.G.F. free of rent.

As per this letter of Inspector General of Mysore Inspector Ballard of the Gold Fields solicited to sanction to the continued occupation of the Government buildings free of rent.

As per the same letter before Ballard Slar Khan was the occupant of the quarters the letter of Executive Engineer, Kolar Division General NO. 229 dated: 10.04.1893. Inspectors bungalow was constructed at Oorgaum was a packa building with Mnagalore tile roofing. It was built as per Government Orders the estimate for which amounting Rs. 4263 was sanctioned by P.W.D. Sectary in 3599-691 dated: 31.07.1888. The building was completed in August 1889.

6). Site for the Police Superintendent quarters at Kolar Gold Fields.

The site for the construction of Superintendents residence was selected in the properly of the ‘’ Gold Gields of Mysore Company’’. It was the Official detective lines in the Oorigaum line Police Station as per letter of Inspector General of Police in Mysore No. 3506/389 dated: 05/06 April 1907.

Superintendents bungalow was not constructed till 31.08.1900 as through it was sanctioned in Government Order No. 3257-60/342 dated: 31.08.1900.

February 1900 (7 months back is the appointment of this Superintendent).

The then Superintendent of Police, K.G.F. was M.Mainwaring (Nandidrug Gold Mining Company).

7). Police Establishments for the Kolar Gold Fields Railway – 1894.

Railways in K.G.F. was in the immediate supervision charge of the Special Inspector at the Gold Mines subjected to the General Control of the Superintendent of Police and the Deputy Commissioner, Kolar. As per the Inspector General of Police’s letter No. 116/16 dated: 10/12/ July 1894.

Railway Line from the Kolar  Road Station to the Gold Mines was opened fro public traffic on 1st June 1894. Consisting of 4 Stations i.e. Balaghat 6 Miles from Kolar Road Stations and the remaining stations are 1 ½ , 1 ½ & 1 mile.  4 Constables from Bowringpet  taluk  have been deputy temporally to do duty at the sate of one man for each station stating that impracticable to manage the line with the present strength of gold fields police.

1. Balaghat.     2. Oorgaum,   3. Champion Reefs. 4 Mysore mines (Trainees).

8. Constable of 1st clan police station Marikuppam is the Kolar Gold Fields : 1895.

Marikuppam police station (Constructionof ) 9717/1053 dated 15-2-1898

A proposal for construction of police lines at Oorgaum camp for defenders and construction was sent vide the I.G.P letter No. 5906 dated 16.11.1896.

9. Exemption from payment of house rent by Police Officers in the Kolar Gold Fields.

The letters of Inspector General of Police No. 1378/110 dated: 25.09.1898 shows

  1. Police Inspector quarters at Champion Reefs completed in 1889 9Salar Khan) and then Ballard from October 1890.
  2. 2 Sub-Inspector quarters at Balghat completed in February 1892.
  3. 3 Chief Constables quarters at Oorigaum was purchased from Mr. Grey in September 1893.

Special Magistrate pays no rent fro the partial building a specially constructed and occupied by him.

The same letter shows that there was Asst. Superintendent of Police in K.G.F.

Letter of Executive Engineer Kolar Division General nO. 2443/231 dated: 25.10.1899 shows that the Police Superintendent and the Special Magistrate all to local the rents due to give intimation to this department (P.W.D.).

3.  Heritage Police Building:

  1. Champion Reefs Police quarters, Champion Reefs Police Station.
  2. D.P.O. Old buildings, Back and front vide views.
  3. Andersonpet Police Station, Andersonpet Police quarters.
  4. Oorgaum Police quarters, Oorgaum Police Station.
  5. D.A.R. Office (1800 years something), D.A.R. Police quarters (1969).
  6. Robertsonpet Police Station, Robertsonpet Police quarters.
  7. Bangarpet Police Station, Bangarpet Police quarters back side of Bangarpet Police Station.
  8. Bethamangala Police Station (over 1900 years), Bethamangala water lank, 1904 (Front view) for Historical importance.
  9. Kamasamudram, Kotilingeshwara Temple and Distance from K.G.F., Guttahalli distance from K.G.F.
  10. Marikuppam Railway Station when it was situated this is for historical importance and Marikuppam Police quarters.

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